Which provider is right for you? Tertiary education options are extensive

There are more than 700 tertiary education providers in New Zealand.

Each offers different courses and study formats - from transition programmes through to postgraduate study and research.

Depending on what type of study you wish to get into, you will likely need to look at specific institutions to fulfil your needs.

Universities, for example, offer higher degree-level learning, while polytechnics offer vocational degree-level education.


New Zealand has eight universities, providing degree and postgraduate education.

They work with communities, business, industry, iwi and the research community to share and apply knowledge, and promote learning.

The country's Centres of Research Excellence are hosted by universities and they also provide sub-degree and community programmes.


A very wide range of technical, vocational and professional education is offered by these institutions. They also carry out research, particularly applied and technological research.

New Zealand has 18 institutes of technology and polytechnics.


There are three wananga in New Zealand, providing education based on Maori ways of teaching and learning.

They have an ongoing role in re-engaging learners in education and contribute to the survival and wellbeing of Maori as a people.

Iwi support each wananga to ensure Maori philosophies, principles and approaches are incorporated into the learning environment.


A wide range of companies, trusts and other entities operate PTEs, offering post-school education or vocational training.

They vary in terms of their size, location, ethnicity, culture and area of expertise, allowing them to meet the needs of students, industry, employers and communities.


These are State-owned organisations which offer education or training. These include New Zealand Police Training Services and the New Zealand Army.

You can find out more about choosing a course and the appropriate education-provider at www.careers.govt.nz