Able Minds

Able Minds provides support to whanau that have a family member suffering from mental distress and/or addiction challenges. We believe that having strong networks around tangata whaiora assists recovery and builds confidence to re-engage with community.

Able Minds is community-based and our support workers understand the impacts of mental distress. They provide emotional support, can effectively navigate the system and collaborate with agencies so that clients are well resourced. Able Minds builds resilience so that families can cope effectively with the challenges they face.

We deliver two reputable and signature programs. Skylight Waves - an eight week course to walk beside those who have suffered bereavement as a result of suicide, and CUMIA which is designed for primary school aged children who have a family member that suffers from mental distress or addiction. Both programs are designed to impart tools and skills to move forward and live well.

Able Minds also facilitates activity centres and groups which are formalised meetings where tangata whaiora can come for peer support, but also to actively focus on their recovery by learning new skills to build self-esteem and confidence.

Our Time Out contact division works alongside children and their whanau who are exposed to challenges associated with separation. Supervisors provide a neutral based supervised contact and transport service which maintains family bonds and creates positive memories through the facilitation of safe and meaningful contact.

Able Minds’ Supporting Parent’s Healthy Children Coordinator is the primary link between the District Health Board and community with a focus on achieving better health outcomes for children, parents, and whanau. This comes from a whanau centered health viewpoint and is about analysing trends in the community and feeding this back into the system so that it evolves and produces equitable outcomes.

Able is a free, confidential, and mobile service and people can self-refer. We have office presence in Invercargill, Dunedin, Alexandra, and Oamaru. Call 0800 494-262, or email