Anglican Family Care

We offer a range of social support services for Otago families living in difficult circumstances. Our aim is to support children, expectant mothers, parents and families to live safe and healthy lives, to reach their potential and build resilience.

We provide information and guidance around: parenting and managing child behaviour in a calm way, baby and child development and what to expect at different ages and stages, and child health and nutrition. We also link families to community resources and support networks, and advocate for them with other agencies.

Our work is mainly done in the homes of clients, at a time that suits them. We work alongside parents, helping them set goals that will ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of their child or children.

We also offer counselling to parents who have issues that are impacting on their parenting, and play therapy for children who have experienced trauma, grief or loss.

Our restorative justice service aims to restore the harm done to victims of crime.


  • Available throughout Otago.
  • Voluntary.
  • Free of charge.
  • For all people regardless of their beliefs.
  • Client-led: you set the goals you want to achieve for your children and family., 0800 FAM CARE (0800 326 2273),, @anglicanfamilycare

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