PowerNet and St John— working together in the Southern region

Our initial three-year partnership, which began in August 2014, aimed at increasing public safety and providing fi rst-aid education in the Southern region.

Now in its fourth year, the synergy in this partnership uses combined resources to deliver safety messages and fi rst-aid education to our customers.

PowerNet's core focus is safety — safety of the public and safety of the people who work on the networks they manage.

St John has excellent networks and education programmes in the region. Their aim is to achieve a fi rst responder in every home.

Working together, the St John/PowerNet partnership focuses on initiatives such as fi rst aid courses and AEDs in the community, and supporting the ASB St John in Schools programme.

Both organisations are committed to safe and healthy communities. Their work together will lead to increased fi rst-aid knowledge, which will have important wider positive impacts in the community.

St John is a much respected organisation, and its ideals of safety, reliability and security are exactly the same as PowerNet’s.

If you want more information on the first-aid and refresher courses St John offers, visit www.stjohn.org.nz to find out more.

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