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Wisdom teeth 

Wisdom teeth commonly start to come through and become a problem in late teenage years to mid-twenties. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth it can still cause problems at any time in your life. Early evaluation and treatment results in a better outcome. Sometimes a wisdom tooth can be easily taken out by your dentist, whereas in other cases you may require treatment by a specialist oral surgeon.


Wisdom teeth can be very difficult to clean, and therefore often get decayed. It is usually not possible to repair such teeth because they are so difficult to access, and they will continue to decay around the repair.


Impacted wisdom teeth very often have a flap of gum over the back called an “operculum”. This area is always chronically infected and will undergo acute flare- ups every two to three months, lasting about five days. The gum around the tooth can get quite swollen and tender to bite on, and swelling can spread to the cheek and to the area and glands under the jaw.

Often the wisdom tooth will be impacted against the second molar tooth. The point where the wisdom tooth touches the second molar tooth is prone to decay and is the focus of infection or resorption of the second molar tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth can damage this second molar and result in the loss of the second molar tooth in addition to the wisdom tooth.

Having wisdom teeth taken out can be a daunting prospect. Once all the information has been reviewed at Fernbrae Surgery, we can talk to you about your specific needs and together plan treatment that is individually tailored to you.

Anaesthetic options

There are three basic treatment options.

You can be treated with local anasethetic, intravenous sedation (called IV sedation or TCI sedation), or general anaesthetic. Part of my role is to help you decide which treatment option is best for you. It is not a case of one size fits all.

Fernbrae Surgery team

Fernbrae Surgery is the only independent fully accredited day surgery unit in Dunedin that offers a full range of oral surgery procedures, including assessment  and removal of wisdom teeth.

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