Southern Ultrasound

One of the best parts of a sonographer’s job is to see expectant parents meet their baby for the first time via an ultrasound scan, says Southern Ultrasound sonographer Rachel Rankin.

Sometimes, if the baby is in the correct position, a 3D image of a baby’s face can be seen in the latter part of the pregnancy.

“It can be quite overwhelming for parents to be able to see what their baby looks like before they are born.”

A range of services are offered at Southern Ultrasound’s clinics, including general ultrasound examinations, abdominal and pelvis scans, routine pregnancy scans, and 3D scans.

Ultrasound is considered a safe health check because it uses high frequency sound waves to pass through the body to create the digital image we see on the screen.

The Invercargill clinic has been operating for over 20 years, and the Gore clinic services patients one day a week.

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