10 acres of pure hell and you won’t wanna leave

10 Acres of Pure Hell and You Won't Wanna Leave
Hunt and be hunted at Paintball Central


Challenge someone to a game of paintball. They must be prepared to hunt — and be hunted. Paintball Central has three fields to play in.

Play Double Capture the Flag — may the best team win! D-Day — beat the clock! Shanty Town — 60 shops, two streets, alleyways, urban warfare at its best. There’s no other field like this in New Zealand.

Paintball Central has games that pump up the adrenaline — Run the Gauntlet! Tree Hugger! — brutal, but so much fun!

They’ll cater for your stag do, hen parties, work do, Christmas party, all-ages birthday parties 5 years to 100, family games, or if you just want to have a game with mates. Larger groups of up to 65 people are no problem, or if you are a small group of four to 20 people just bring loads of attitude!

Camouflaged overalls and full-­face masks are supplied. There are lots of rules to keep the young ones safe. It’s fun!

Paintball Central is only 40 minutes from Queenstown and Wanaka, and 20 minutes from Alexandra. Come and have a couple hours of fun shooting with your mates. There is a barbecue on site, free to use, just bring your own food and refreshments for after the game.

Pick up the phone and give them a call, or book online as they’re only open when you book in. Open seven days.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the website for more information paintballcentral.co.nz , or ring 0274-485-399.

Paintball Central has got the paint! Have you got the balls?

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