Visit Otago Museum this summer

December has arrived and with it the opening of Tuhura Otago Community Trust Science Centre! The $2.5-million redevelopment of the former Discovery World Tropical Forest now offers over 45 new hands-on science interactives,  plus a refreshed Tropical Forest butterfly house, and also encompasses the digitally interactive Beautiful Science Gallery and Perpetual Guardian Planetarium. An icon of the Tuhura Otago Community Trust Science Centre is the 7.5-metre-high spiral slide, inspired by the DNA double helix. It's a thrilling ride! Other key interactives include ``The Void'' infinity room experience, a Virtual Body Table, a Mood Ball and a Tornado.

The 19th annual Otago Wildlife Photography Competition is open! For amateur photographers and videographers living in Otago, the 2018 competition invites entries in the Animal, Plant, Human Impact on the Environment, Pets, and Night Skies photo categories, as well as the Wildlife in Action video category. See the website for more info and terms and conditions.

Hundreds of butterfly pupae destined for the tropical forest arrive at the museum in shipments from
Costa Rica and the Philippines. Imagine if a mix-up left a batch with no ID tags, and unknown butterflies emerged from the pupae! Help us out by searching the galleries for the answers to the trail questions, then unravel the identities of the butterflies in the puzzle to claim your reward. Throughout the day until Sunday January 28. Collect your free trail from the Otago Museum Info Desk.

The popular Life before Dinosaurs: Permian Monsters from Gondwana Studios is still wowing visitors with its life-size animatronics, fossil dig-pits and stunning artwork _ offering a glimpse into the deep past. Special Exhibitions Gallery. Paid admission.

The Flying Monsters Planetarium Show is recommended for all those whose interest has been piqued by the Life before Dinosaurs: Permian Monsters exhibition. Sir David Attenborough, the
world's leading TV naturalist, sets out to uncover the truth about the enigmatic pterosaurs, whose wingspans of up to 40 feet were equal to that of some modern-day jet planes. Perpetual Guardian
Planetarium. Paid admission.

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