“I want a bike that I can use on the road and the rail trails.”

This is an, understandably, common desire for the e-bike enthusiast.

Seven out of 10 of our customers want an e bike that will take them on the ‘Alps to the Ocean’, then down to the shops or to work.  Fortunately, the manufacturers have come to the party and there are many hybrids to choose from.

There are the cheap (but cheerful!) grunty rear-motor Magnums through to the more refined reliable Bosch mid-drive Gepida Berig’s, and quite a few in-between. Ask us about the KTM (also Bosch) Area SE2 (arriving pre-christmas). And for those more adventurous types we have a range of full suspension KTM models arriving in time for Christmas, the KTM Prowler SE2 being our flagship model, like those ridden by the winning team at this year’s E-MTB Enduro World series in Europe.

The best advice is to try out a few different bikes. Test ride a rear motor and a mid-drive. The rear motor e bikes are still the best value for money, but not everyone can deal with their ‘surging’ natures. Other considerations are battery size; will you be going on lengthy (over 60km) rides? Your average e-bike will comfortably accommodate that, depending on terrain and weather conditions; but it’s good to make sure that the bike you’re looking at is capable.

Most hybrid bikes come equipped with knobbly (MTB style) tyres but if you are commuting for long periods you may want some road tyres to change to when you’re not rail-trailing.

Will you be glamping, or are you a hardy slog-it-out bikepacker? If so, you’ll need a carrier and saddlebags (waterproof!) Don’t let anyone tell you you need to spend a fortune on these; Brian Phillips make a completely waterproof, reasonably priced saddle bag at $195 per pair.

At the end of a days ride you want to be able to feel that you’ve had a blast and look forward to getting back on the saddle tomorrow.

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