Carmen Hope for Molyneux Otago Regional Council

Seeking a second term on the Otago Regional Council - for Molyneux is Carmen Hope

I have been visible, attending as many community led engagements as well as Council led meetings in the greater Otago region. Our 4 priorities are water, biodiversity, climate change and urban development. Every body wants good water for Otago, so we can protect our water ways for future generations. 

Sustainable development sees us working closely with district and city councils; growth is occurring, new communities/developments are occurring so it's important that natural hazards are identified. With respect to climate change, the public transport system should be clean, quite, efficient. Ensuring public transport is maintained in Mosgiel as patronage increases is a priority, improving the service with electric buses in time to come. I welcome your support to continue as a local councillor.

From councillor Carmen Hope