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A large house project in Tauranga completed by Archi Tecture Ltd.
A large house project in Tauranga completed by Archi Tecture Ltd.


As a native of the British Isles, Craig Dodd cannot help but love the architecture of Dunedin and its outlying towns.

His affinity with buildings both old and new is shown in his holistic approach to building issues, being a registered building surveyor, as well as his straightforward design regimen as an architectural designer.

Craig comes from a full construction background, working in building throughout the 1980s in and around London, and he is a British-qualified bricklayer.

The step into the world of greater understanding of buildings as a whole came with a change of direction, and the move into building surveying, which teaches the surveyor to understand the entire building, and where design is a major part for the British surveyor.

This was further enhanced when he entered the world of building control, and so the holistic approach to both the legislative and physical application of building knowledge grew to produce building surveying and design practices that help clients on many different levels.

These skill sets allow Craig, and his small team of designers, to provide a comprehensive service that few small practices are able to achieve.

Design projects can be as simple as small alterations or additions, or as complex as large family homes.

They can cover commercial and industrial projects and services, as well as residential projects on a commercial scale.

In addition, for those who already own a property that is suffering some sort of failure, Craig is able to investigate and report on the issues in great detail, and advise on suitable remedies.

In fact, Craig has worked personally on over 50 buildings suffering from weathertightness issues, ranging from small homes, to apartment blocks.

So whatever your property or building needs might be, you can feel at ease in using the services of Craig’s design practice, Archi Tectura Ltd, or his building consultancy company, Craig Dodd — Building Surveying Ltd.

Craig is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, a Registered Building Surveyor, and a Licensed Designer as an LBP.

He has membership of CABE, RICS, CIOB, NZIBS, DANZ, and NZGBC, and is a professional member of ADNZ.

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