World Flame-ous in Dunedin

Never come home to a freezing cold house, ever again with Otago Pellet Fires.

Rika pellet fire owners are very happy indeed this winter.
Rika pellet fire owners are very happy indeed this winter.
Temperatures are plummeting, Jacqueline Frost nipping at your toes.

Winter is a lovely season (for the warm), yet so many Dunedin houses are arctic inside, and heaven knows hot-water bottles and sleeping bags just aren’t chic, plus it’s hard to host a dinner party in a puffa.

We’ve all heard the old saying, “wood warms you three times’’.

What this usually means is: first you risk life and limb cutting it with a chainsaw, then you have to stack it, then get on your hands and knees, blowing on a reluctant fire, covering yourself in soot —and if the wood’s wet, forget it.

With a pellet fire, wood will warm you at once, at a much lower cost than gas or electricity. It’s the clean, green, energyefficient way to heat your home that’s quiet, radiant and very hot.

Happy Rika pellet fire owners are very happy indeed, whether they’ve been renovating a large, draughty old villa and looking to replace wheezy with style and comfort, or upgrade an existing log fire.

So simple to use, with WiFi connectivity and touch-screen technology, you can leave work and change the temperature en route, send your pellet fire a textual ”on my way” and never come home to a freezing cold house, ever again.

Customer testimonials say it all: “I turn my fire off at 9 o’clock and it still keeps warm for the rest of the evening”. An evening not spent cutting kindling or tearing up bits of newspaper. Perhaps spent reading a book or watching Netflix with your lovely.

“Otago Pellet Fires made it easy, from installation, to helping you with building consent.’’

The Rika pellet fire has a streamlined classic design to suit all dwellings, whether bringing a touch of modern love to old school cool or enhancing a new build.

“We will never go back to a logburner, all that fuss. With a pellet fire, you pour it in, press a button and away she goes.’’

Stylish, convenient, comfortable warmth with the side benefit of a clear eco-conscience, the pellets are made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings, meet emission and efficiency criteria and are cheaper in the South Island too.

“I love my pellet fire.”

Says it all really.

Feel the love yourself at Otago Pellet Fires’ Dunedin showroom.

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