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Chris joined her local tennis club to meet some people in her community and get some regular exercise.  She enjoyed getting to know other players and attended the recent AGM to show her support. It was a great night with an entertaining guest speaker ... until it came to electing officers. The previous treasurer had resigned and moved out of town and no one really wanted to do the job. With some reluctance Chris put her hand up. She was good with numbers — it shouldn’t be that hard??

Chris arrived home with a mysterious box of paperwork. There was a receipt book, a cash box and a folder of invoices and other bits and pieces dating back a number of years.

With a sinking feeling Chris wondered "Where do I start? What do I need to do? What have I got myself into?"

Talking about her problem at work the next day a colleague recommended making an appointment with Dunedin Community Accounting. Heading to dca.org.nz she realised the service was free and made an appointment for the next available session.

Bringing her box along to DCA the students helped her sort through the information. They explained her responsibilities and helped her set up some processes for handling cash from subs and reporting to the committee. Feeling less stressed and more informed Chris felt relieved knowing she was on the right track and could make another appointment when she needed more help.

Does this sound familiar?

DCA is here to help.

Whether it's about setting a budget, doing your annual accounts, reporting to a board or just keeping good records, DCA can answer all your questions.

DCA runs each week. You can call, email or book online:

Email: kiaora@dca.org.nz
Freephone: 0800 113 160
Website: dca.org.nz

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  • Accounting software - could this make my life easier?

Wednesday 16 September
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