NZ company helps Kiwis find jobs

JobaMatch is a subsidiary of Investamatch, the online matching platform connecting business opportunities with investors. Using this same concept, JobaMatch helps to connect Jobseekers with Employers.

Employment is a big topic of conversation at present and the effect it is having on the economy. C.E.O, Dougal McGowan from Otago Chamber of Commerce, has his finger on the pulse and, during a discussion in April into the how’s and why’s of finding employment, his idea of connecting Jobseekers with Employers using the InvestaMatch matching platform, evolved.

Consultations began with the Ministry of Social Development and businesses to ascertain information required for creating a Jobseekers digital C.V. and for filling vacancies.

JobaMatch is now fast becoming the way to store an online resume for potential employers to connect directly with Jobseekers.

Registering is open to all Jobseekers. From school leavers through to retirees and beyond, and for all types of work, from full time to seasonal. Listing all education, attributes, skills, and general working abilities acquired offers the Jobseeker the potential for a job to find them, especially when many jobs are not advertised. The site provides the Jobseeker complete control of their resume with features of editing, anonymity and unpublishing as required.

Recruiting for employers has never been easier using JobaMatch. The ability to search using filters and connect with potential employees has simplified the whole process and is a faster way to fill job vacancies.

Dougal McGowan is pleased his idea is growing legs and is helping the region. To assist further in rejuvenating the economy, JobaMatch has offered FREE membership to all businesses who are current members of the Otago Chamber of Commerce.

Jobseekers: Get on board with JobaMatch — it’s your profile, your page and, its FREE
Employers: Make the connection NOW!

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