For the love of . . . libraries

In the vast Pacific Ocean there is an enchanting land. Upon this land there is inconceivable beauty. Amongst the beauty there is thrilling adventure. Within the adventure there are people, there are homes, there is snow, skiing, mountains and . . . there are libraries!

A library is an expression of all the enchanting inconceivable beauty that this country and the rest of the world have to offer.

Libraries are a window into the soul of people from around the world and a key to the soul of local communities.

When you open a book you are not just turning old pages, you are opening the history of this town and every other.

When you flick through a cookbook you are flicking through a person's passion.

When you grab the latest novel, you are diving into another person's mind and imagination.

Libraries are all-encompassing. A place built on knowledge, experiments, passion, creativity and belief. They are a safe place for members of the local community and for the "seekers" who are lucky enough to pass through such communities.

QLDC Libraries hold people at their heart.

They are there for you and grow with you. As time goes on and things change, as technology develops and resources evolve, it is their mission to keep the most important of values alive: a connection to people and their needs.

Come into QLDC Libraries for audiobooks, free WiFi, local information, entertainment for the children, or simply to read a good old book!