Winter’s ‘Wonder’ Land

One of Wanaka’s most iconic tourist attractions is your perfect après-ski or rest-day activity this winter. Here’s why: Puzzling World, now in its 45th year of business, has long been a fixture for local and international visitors to Wanaka. With its Great Maze, Puzzle Café, five Illusion Rooms and other architectural treats such as the Tumbling Towers, Leaning Tower of Wanaka and, of course, the world-famous Roman Toilets, they’ve provided lasting memories for generations.

With many new additions since winter 2017, new and returning customers will have even more reason to stay awhile and get their brains into gear!

A large illusionary mural inside the business's Sculptillusion Gallery has been painted, displaying an ethereal scene that blends NZ native bush, iconic London landmarks and operatic superstars together with morphing lions, birds, fish and many other whimsical touches.

Also, the latest in holographic advertising was added with the installation of a Holoblade, featuring a rotating display of filling Coke cans, butterflies, spinning Nike shoes and other objects seemingly floating in space.

A new exhibition, "Un-useless" was launched, celebrating what might be described as "genius stupidity". With a steam-powered walking stick, umbrella shoes, a multi-tool glove, a two-way scooter and many more items, we ask the question - how would that ever work?!

In addition, an incredible sculpture using a rock that had lain on the property for decades was introduced to the Illusion Rooms that, like everything else here will have patrons scratching their heads in wonder.

For visitors wanting a Wanaka day out or those heading west, a range of co-op passes has just been released. Crossfire Wanaka, Ridgeline Adventures and Glacier Hot Pools now have joint tickets with Puzzling World to make their southern experience even better (and a little cheaper!).

When planning your holiday to the Southern Lakes region this winter, make sure you not only visit some of the worldclass ski resorts on offer but also allow for a stopover at Wanaka’s wonderful world of weirdness, Puzzling World.

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