Bursting the Bubble is the Otago Art Society’s 144th annual exhibition

A Crazy World - I think I lost my marbles, Marie Reid-Beadle
A Crazy World - I think I lost my marbles, Marie Reid-Beadle
Even during the recent lockdown, creativity has been bubbling away behind the scenes.

And now the results can be seen, at the Otago Art Society’s first exhibition since we regained our freedom. Established in 1876, the Otago Art Society is the oldest art society in New Zealand, with currently around 500 members. We are a non-profit group aiming to encourage artists and art practice, giving many of the region’s top artists their first start.

Our 144th annual exhibition is justifiably named Bursting the Bubble, and is displayed in our four galleries on the first floor of our home at the Dunedin Railway Station. Having held an exhibition for so many years, we were not going to break the tradition despite Covid-19 disrupting our calendar.

Bursting the Bubble assembles over 200 unique artworks from the society’s many talented members, with a variety of works including ceramics, sculpture, photography, textiles, jewellery, printmaking, and painting.

The Otago Art Society prides itself on inclusivity, and the championing of young and ‘not so young’ artistic talent. We seek to educate and instill creativity and friendship among our many members and volunteers.

In addition to the galleries, the society has a newly streamlined shop where the public can purchase unique locally-made creative artwork, including greeting cards. Our friendly staff will be only too pleased to assist and advise you.

Come often and explore the many exhibitions that are held during the year within our iconic setting in New Zealand’s most photographed heritage building. You will be glad you did, and the Otago Art Society will be an art destination to return to many times for local gifts of quality.

❏ Bursting the Bubble - The Otago Art Society 144th Annual Exhibition: 10am-4pm daily, from July 4-August 1, at the Otago Art Society, first floor, Dunedin Railway Station, 22 Anzac Ave, Dunedin. See www.otagoartsociety.co.nz for more.

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