Evening of dance styles themed for Halloween

A feast of dance and performance, with a Halloween circus theme, will be hosted by Dunedin's Khamzin Tribe this weekend.

The event, which will feature nationally and internationally renowned dancers, music, fabulous costumes, juggling, mindreading, and more, will be held this Saturday night, from 6.30pm, at Kazbah Studio, 22 Victoria Rd. Tickets available at the door, $20.

Guests will be greeted by firedancers outside the studio, and Khamzin Tribe dancers _ most recently seen at Vogel Street Party and the South Dunedin Busking Festival _ will open the show.
A featured performer of the night will be Christchurch-based Tracey Saunders, of Firefly Belly Dance (formerly TribalDiva Belly Dance Company), who specializes in tribal and tribal fusion styles.
Saunders' dance school is New Zealand's only registered sister studio to the original FatChanceBellyDance in the United States.

Another features artist will be Timaru-based belly dancer and teacher Liz Irvine (aka Fatina), known for her sword dancing skills, and her group Sisters of the Sands.

Fatina's belly dance history dates back several decades, including years immersed in Middle Eastern culture while living in Egypt.

Red Mars Dance Project dancer Sardonyx embraces a cybernetic collaboration of tribal belly dance and Western dance styles to explore the darker realms of fusion, with a science fiction flavour.
One of the Kazbah Studio's own dancers, Petra Colwell, will also be give a solo performance, with her Iris wings and partner David Chapman on electric guitar.
Guests will be treated to home-cooked desserts and nibbles throughout the evening.
And there will be prizes up for grabs for guests wearing their best Halloween attire.
For information, visit the Kazbah Studio facebook page

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