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Want to future proof your career or build upon your degree?

When it comes to the world of tech, the employment opportunities are virtually limitless. The SHIFT programme was created to help degree holders from all walks of life, explore and embrace those opportunities, adding to their qualifications and expanding their earning potential in this vibrant fast paced sector.

Starting in July, you can start your SHIFT to an exciting new career in tech on a part-time basis in Dunedin.

SHIFT is an innovative industry-driven programme for those looking for a new career path who may or may not have a tech background. SHIFT offers relevant and current content to ensure you are well equipped to work within the tech sector, where the skills you have learnt in previous work and study are highly valued.

Graduate Success:

Since 2017, SHIFT graduates have moved from many different backgrounds into exciting new roles:

  • Jess moved from the health sector into tech, and now works in Dunedin with Datacom, NZ’s largest tech company.
  • ​Harry, who holds a degree in economics and management, became a full-stack software developer, and is now working with RCG Creations Ltd in Christchurch.
  • Jono studied philosophy, and is now working in Wellington assisting in formulating government digital policy.
  • Felicia previously worked in air traffic control, and landed a tech job within this sector. She used SHIFT to establish her local industry networks and refresh her skills.
  • Sakinah had strong tech skills already, but wanted to gain more experience. Through SHIFT she was able to gain industry experience and a job with Orbica, a cutting edge digital location services company.


Partnering With Industry

SHIFT uses immersive project-based learning and real-world industry experience to produce graduates with a solid base of core computing skills, as well as communication and employability skills required in today’s collaborative workplaces.

These projects are tailored to complement their preferred specialist tech area and enhance their employability.


With tech roles existing in nearly every area from aviation to zoology, career possibilities are extensive.

Through the SHIFT programme, learners can focus on software design and development, or allied roles, such as business analyst, web designer, project manager, user experience designer, technical writer, sales and client support, quality assurance, systems engineer and more.

Diversity is welcomed, and tech employers are seeking people from a variety of backgrounds. SHIFT’s school friendly hours have made it easy for parents with young children to transition to a new career. SHIFT is also well suited to new graduates who may be looking for that X-factor to boost their employability.

To FIND out more about your SHIFT to a tech career call 0800 990 024 or visit our website HERE to see and hear more from our SHIFT graduates.

Jess' Story:
Jess is a qualified and experienced radiation therapist who has joined the tech sector because of the increasing connection between medicine and technology.

SHIFT added tech to Jess’s existing clinical experience, while working with real clients from Dunedin’s tech sector.

Jess’s first group project involved working with Dunedin-based company, Igtimi, on a new feature for their Yachtbot product, which enables world class sailing athletes to better trim their boats to maximise speed and performance.

“The project work really extended my knowledge into areas I would never have considered working in just a few months ago, but now I feel like I can tackle diverse problems and definitely create tech solutions. SHIFT was challenging but very rewarding!

SHIFT allowed me to move from being a health professional, to a career as a Professional Services Consultant for a large New Zealand tech firm.”

Jessica - SHIFT 2017 Graduate
Professional Service Consultant, Datacom

Isaac's Story:
With a Masters in Geology and 10 years’ experience working in the mining industry, Isaac re-assessed his career goals, wanting a career that was more flexible and portable.

“I saw the SHIFT programme as an exciting opportunity to add specific tech skills to my knowledge base, so I could


translate those skills into a new career.” For his industry project, Isaac worked with Stantec NZ to represent aerial drone footage.

“The school-friendly course hours allowed me to carry on with my before and after school duties, which really helped my family and my ability to retrain.

"SHIFT allowed me to change direction into the tech side of earth sciences. The project work was really valuable and enjoyable, and gave me a snapshot of a real work environment. It also gave me the foundation knowledge and skills to approach new tools and problems confidently, during both my placement and in my new tech role."

Isaac - SHIFT 2017 Graduate
Application Solutions Manager, Seequent

Harry's Story:
Harry found himself in a different situation from most tech students, as he was the only male student in his SHIFT cohort. Harry recognised the impact that technology was having on the world during his Master in Management study, and having always been curious about technology and coding, when it came to "What next?" tech was the obvious answer.

What stood out to him was the networking opportunities with the tech industry which is ingrained in SHIFT, and the small class sizes. The programme also has local tech professionals coming in to meet students, give talks and run workshops. Harry liked how learning linked directly to projects, and the flexibility that the studio projects provided, using and developing both front and back end skills, was also beneficial.

Harry’s industry project (internship) was with RCG Creations Limited, a Christchurch-based company that specialises in developing software for internet providers.

SIGNAL provided me with great industry links which helped me find a tech job and the course made sure I was industry ready. The internship was the best learning opportunity for developing my technical skills. At RCG I was able to use their tools, work in an agile environment and work with their clients.”

Now working at RCG, Harry said having both a background in business and his new tech skills meant he was a valuable addition to the growing company.

“I’d recommend SHIFT to anyone looking for a new career direction even if they haven’t considered tech careers before.” 


Find out more about how your existing degree can be combined with SHIFT to kick-start your new career in tech:
  • Phone the friendly team at SIGNAL on 0800 990024
  • Visit SHIFT to find out more 
  • Explore tech career opportunities at the next Tech Careers and Pizza Night on June 11, book HERE


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