What's On @ Otago Museum – Week of 23 November


If you know one thing about us here at Otago Museum it's that WE LOVE DINOSAURS and because of this we decided to hold our very own Dinosaur Day! This Saturday, 28 November, we will be hosting a day celebrating all things dinosaur. From talks with legendary paleontologists, and our very own 10-year-old dinosaur ambassador, to workshops with paleoartists, we are bound to awaken your inner dino-obsession.

Otago Museum is joining forces with some amazing Dunedin companies on some great social media giveaways. This week Hype has provided two $100 vouchers, ensuring you and your girlfriend are dressed to impress. Spa St Clair will take your stress away with two tension-relieving massages and Otago Museum wants to treat you to our Tropical Forest, so you can feel the warmth of the tropics. To enter the draw, click the link here, and show your support for local businesses.


Paleo Art Workshop
1.30pm – 3.30pm, Saturday 28 November

Bring a sketch pad and pencils and learn first-hand from paleo artist Shaun Bolton as he guides you through the paleo drawing process, offering tips on composition, structure, and dramatic emphasis.

Barclay Theatre
$10 per person

Why Dinosaurs?
10am, Saturday 28 November

World-renowned paleontologist, Professor Phil Manning, takes you on a journey from the first discovery of fossil bones to the ‘invention’ of dinosaurs in Victorian Britain.

Phil will be joining us via video from the UK.

Hutton Theatre
Free admission


Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival

Come along to find out why some dinosaurs went extinct, yet others survived and evolved, and answer the biggest question of all: did the T. Rex really have feathers?!

Otago Museum is the only South Island venue for Australia’s Gondwana Studios spectacular travelling exhibition.

See huge animatronic dinosaurs that move and roar bringing Jurassic giants to life! Skeletons, skulls, gigantic artwork, and touchable fossil casts will transport you to another world.

26 September – 8 February 2021 | More information here

Climate Change – Striking a Balance 

By popular demand, our newest and most thought-provoking exhibition is back for a limited time!

Step into the Beautiful Science gallery and into the shoes of our youth. Experience the impact of climate change through the eyes of the next generation expressed in art, poetry, interviews, photography, and more.

Featuring stories from across the Pacific, this incredible exhibition will challenge how you think about climate change, and our role in addressing the problem.

16 November – 4 December 2020 | More information here


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