What's On @ Otago Museum | Week of 25 November 2019



If you want to avoid “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” on a loop, and having the same product being unwrapped several times over around your tree, try shopping at the Museum Shop!

Away from the chaotic mess of town shopping, we are an oasis of calm and cool, with high-quality, beautifully designed products.
Shopping at Otago Museum, you will be supporting New Zealand designers and illustrators, and finding things you can’t find anywhere else. And, here, the proceeds of your purchases go directly towards funding the education of our community and our children, and the care of our collection. Every time you buy something here, you are giving back to Otago: in the form of a public talk, or a science demonstration to a school, or a free exhibition from an artist. You are directly contributing to the enrichment of our city and our region.


James Cameron – Challenging the Deep takes you to an underworld; an eerie, mysterious abyss where the only light comes from flashes of bioluminescent creatures. Join Cameron as he explores the most isolated places on earth.

“We travelled from Hamilton in the North Island to go and see a current exhibition called James Cameron - Challenging the Deep... Absolutely brilliant and worth the time and money ... Take a day, take the family and enjoy an excellent facility.” – Trip Advisor Review

Climb inside a pilot sphere and experience the isolation of Cameron’s record-making dive in his DEEPSEA CHALLENGER to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. See the deep-sea specimens he collected there under a microscope, watch rusticles grow, and be intrigued by the effect water pressure has on a polystyrene cup.

James Cameron – Challenging the Deep
$9.50 Children | $14 Concession | $17.50 Adults | $45 Families | Combo tickets available 
Open until 9 February 2020


Thirst for Knowledge:
Cannabis in NZ

Join the University of Otago's newly appointed Head of Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Professor Michelle Glass, as she speaks on issues surrounding the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis.

5.30pm, Tuesday 26 November
Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar

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Deep-Sea Coral in
New Zealand Waters

Join Di Tracy, a deep-sea scientist at NIWA, for an enlightening discussion on the relevance of deep-sea coral research, and how we can support the development of initiatives for the management of deep-sea corals.

5.30pm, Wednesday 27 Nov
Barclay Theatre

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Pockets of History

Dr Ariane Fenneatux, Associate Professor of the Université de Paris, France, discusses how pockets may seem obscure now, but when restored to our attention, they open up a nexus of historical questions ranging from women’s domesticity to financial independence.

5.30pm, Tuesday 3 December
Barclay Theatre

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Eavesdropping Underwater

Dr Giacomo Giorli and Olivia Price will take you on a journey exploring the science of marine acoustics, the sounds of whales and dolphins, and the chilly business of researching in Antarctica.

5.30pm, Thursday 5 December
Barclay Theatre

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