What's On @ Otago Museum | Week of 6 January 2020

Happy 2020 Otago,

It is another busy week at Otago Museum, with a new exhibition opening on Saturday, Areez Katki’s Bildungsroman. The exhibition was recently named one of the top 50 exhibitions in Australasia 2019 by Art Collector magazine, and contains 29 new works by the artist that were developed over eight months living and working in India.
The exhibition focuses on Katki’s personal heritage, specifically in relation to Zoroastrianism and the Parsi community that his family belongs to. Through needlework-based craft practice, the artist explores third-wave diaspora and the survival of Zoroastrianism, alongside his own revelations and responses to this now-powerful minority in Mumbai.

Alongside the beautiful works on display, Katki is also offering an exhibition talk discussing the pieces, and a free hands-on embroidery workshop, both on Saturday afternoon.

The Otago Museum Team

4aae309e-9941-4e71-8da5-5dbddedfb7ed.jpgExhibition Talk with
Areez Katki

In support of Bildungsroman, Katki is hosting a free talk presenting research material that provides a very rare glimpse into the cloaked, insular world of Zoroastrians across India and Iran.

1pm – 1.40pm, Saturday 11 January
H D Skinner Annex
More information here

081e3c94-f649-4779-a74a-a89d2ae22ca6.jpgEmbroidery Workshop
with Areez Katki

Katki is leading a free embroidery workshop in the H D Skinner Annex. Katki has extracted motifs from his mother's 1970s stenography notebooksin this rare creative workshop. 

2pm – 4pm, Saturday 11 January
H D Skinner Annex, bookings essential
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Museum of Broken Relationships
Open until 15 March 2020

This poignant, award-winning exhibition has travelled the world to international acclaim, from London, Paris, and Berlin to San Francisco and Melbourne, and for the first time, is now in New Zealand, at Otago Museum.

Come experience our collection of locally and internationally sourced mementos of people’s intimate history, Museum of Broken Relationships features objects telling stories of heartbreak from Dunedin and abroad.

1877 Gallery | Free
Open until March 15, 2020
More information here


Moa Imaginarium Competition

We have moa footprints on display in Otago Museum right now.
What do you think the moa was doing, thinking, feeling, where was it going, and why? Let your imagination run wild and capture your ideas in a picture, poem, or short story, and then upload your entry here.
The competition is open to all children aged 5 – 12 who live in the Otago region. Competition entries will be displayed at the Museum and on our website, and the best entries will win some moa-sized Museum prize packs!


7ff6213a-b4d5-4766-b8d7-4e31d7188067.jpgThe Matrix
Sci-fi Friday

Set in a dystopian future, humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated reality, known as 'the Matrix'. 
Neo, a computer programmer, uncovers the truth and is drawn into a rebellion.

7pm, Friday 10 January
Perpetual Guardian Planetarium
Adult $15, Child $10
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104bc77a-57aa-446d-83bf-adc31372354a.jpgIce Age

Set in the time of the ice age, a mammoth, a sloth, and a sabre-toothed tiger come across a human baby and, against all odds, work together to return it to its family.

4.30pm, Sunday 12 January
Perpetual Guardian Planetarium
Adult $15, Child $10
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fb3841b9-b2e7-4518-b396-cd53803b26a6.jpgAmazing Universe 3D

Experience the wonders of our universe in our new-house produced 3D planetarium show! 
Amazing Universe takes travellers on a journey from Hooper’s Inlet on the Otago Peninsula to the edges of the Universe.

1.30pm and 3.30pm daily 
Perpetual Guardian Planetarium
Child $7, Adults $12
Book tickets here