Recipe: Chargrilled zucchini with lemon, mint and Caerphilly cheese

Photo supplied.
Photo supplied.
This dish by Alison Lambert is simple, seasonal and delicious. Try it with some toasted sourdough bread, or perhaps some pan-fried fillets of fish and aioli.

Chargrilled zucchini with lemon, mint and Caerphilly cheese (Serves 4)

8 medium-size zucchinis (try different varieties and colours)
Handful of fresh mint leaves
75g (or more if desired) Caerphilly cheese, or good quality feta. (I use Evansdale)
2 lemons
100ml extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat a griddle pan or barbecue until very hot.

While it is heating, slice the zucchinis lengthways 5mm thick.

Set aside.

Grate the zest of one lemon and add the juice to a small bowl.

Add the olive oil, season with salt and pepper.

Add the mint leaves and taste for a fresh, zesty dressing.

Once the grill or pan is hot, place the zucchini strips in a single layer on the grill or pan.

Cook for about 1 minute.

If the grill is hot enough it should leave a lovely charred effect. Turn over and briefly cook the other side.

Do not overcook them, as they should still have some texture.

Once cooked, place the zucchini strips directly on to a nice serving dish.

Add the dressing and sprinkle over the crumbled Caerphillly cheese.

Toss gently to combine everything together.

Alison Lambert will be demonstrating this recipe at the Otago Farmers Market at Dunedin Railway Station on Saturday morning.


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