Rich glaze to set off decadent desserts

Blanket Bay executive chef Corey Hume. Photo by Ted Creely.
Blanket Bay executive chef Corey Hume. Photo by Ted Creely.
Exclusive lodge Blanket Bay is set among some of the most stunning scenery the South Island has to offer, and executive chef Corey Hume ensures its guests have a dining experience on par with the sublime setting.

Born and raised in Christchurch, Mr Hume is deeply passionate about infusing his culinary creations with New Zealand flavours.

He has received numerous international culinary awards and is a founding member of the New Zealand Culinary Team - a group of premier chefs who represent New Zealand's culinary arts through international cooking competitions.

"I love to source the best of local produce New Zealand has to offer, whether it is grass-fed Wagyu beef from Hastings, organic lamb from the Catlins, or sun-ripened peas, broad beans, berries and cherries bursting with flavour from Cromwell.

"We're blessed with a plethora of options at any time of the year."

Joined by a highly acclaimed "brigade" of chefs, Mr Hume said his "fantastic team" enabled him to work with them on every level to create a fresh eight-course menu every day.

"And it's not just a job, but a dream come true to work in this environment with a brigade as experienced as this one.

"It's a sheer inspiration to wake up every morning to a world-class vista right on our doorstep, and that inspiration carries through to my work every day.

"Every day is a new adventure when we embark on our menu.

"Unless a guest requests a certain dish, we pride ourselves on offering a new menu for every day of a guest's stay."

While a chance to sample the creations of Mr Hume and his team was available only to lodge guests, Blanket Bay was offering a "Kiwi season" package, including accommodation and dining, to entice locals to experience Blanket Bay luxury for themselves.

"We're looking forward to having some locals come and stay with us, whether they're celebrating a special anniversary or event, so they can enjoy the level of food, wine, accommodation and service that attracts visitors from all around the world."

Mr Hume said he enjoyed the winter months, which allowed for the creation of long, slow-cooked dishes that "nourish the palate, heart and soul of our guests", and he believed any warming winter meal should be finished off with a decadent dessert.


Chocolate mirror glaze


240g heavy cream
290g water
360g granulated sugar
120g Valrhona cocoa powder (or good-quality cocoa powder)
12g gold gelatine leaves


Bring the cream, granulated sugar and water to a boil.

Stir in the cocoa powder and cook until it reaches 103degC, let it cool down and stir in the gelatine leaves, pre-softened in cold water, at 60degC.



Use to glaze gateaux, finish petit fours etc.



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