Taking good with the bad

Otago Daily Times Queenstown bureau chief Tracey Roxburgh documents her progress in the 12-week Revive programme at Alpine Health and Fitness.

Dear Diary... Saturday, November 24

Today, accomplished something I didn't think possible. Ran 5km. Well, at least yogged best part of 5km quite quickly.

Could not yog up big hill near start of Frontrunner Jacks Point final event for the year, but Margo Berryman and I did walk up it at pace. We managed to cross finish line in respectable 33.26 - given it wasn't that long ago yogging for a minute was big achievement was a wee bit proud of our efforts.

Avoided reflective surfaces after finishing though - if I stood still for long people would have thought I was large fire hydrant.

After event Blue Team sat on blankets and nibbled on nuts, berries and fruit, trying desperately to ignore Mr Whippy who strategically parked at finish line. Also tried to ignore the numerous bowls of hot chips being circulated around us (not among us though, Diary!).

This evening, however, fell off wagon a wee bit. Blame sister - if she didn't have such exceptional culinary skills, would not have been forced to eat food which I really didn't need ... for example, cottage cheese ice cream (was amazeballs!) and a wee piece of pavlova ... with cream. Did not intend to eat the latter, but it must have fallen into my mouth because one minute was on plate, next it was gone. Oops.

Sunday, November 25

Today was my Aunty Beverley and Uncle John's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Is quite an achievement, so whanau gathered for barbecue lunch. General consensus by family is I have grown taller.

Assured them this was not the case. On arrival cousin Darren offered me beer. Was very tempted, but politely declined, even though he said it was "carb free". Given last night's food diary, do not think Haylee would have been impressed.

Monday, November 26

Haylee told me off today, Diary.

She says Saturday night was "write-off" and told me must have exceptional day with food to make up for it. Figured this also meant exceptional day with exercise, so after doing weights circuit once, did it again. Near the end, world was getting a bit wobbly and co-ordination went out window, resulting in skipping injury.

Whipped myself on shin, resulting in lovely red mark.

Skipping was so much easier when I was 10.

Tuesday, November 27

Got email from gym saying had been a "long time" since they had seen me there ...

Inquired if perhaps they would like me to move in - am spending so much time there it seems the next natural step to take. As I was mentally working out how many lockers I would need to store my things at gym, Richie Heap emailed and said reminder to go to gym was mistake.

Want to know who else made mistake today, Diary?

Henry Youngman. He had audacity to enter my office and eat chocolate cake in front of me. Tried to put thoughts of cake out of mind this evening during "walk" around Lake Hayes.

Started out well enough, but before long there were hundreds of incredibly annoying bugs swarming around me. They were disgusting so came to conclusion would have to run (not yog) to escape them. Down side to this was think I ate some ... and collected one in eyelashes.

Wasn't very long before run was a very slow yog, but managed to yog far more than I walked. Was actually pretty grateful to the bugs at the end because every time I slowed to walk they came at me again.

Wednesday, November 28

This evening drank wine.

With Haylee. Was reward for completion of Sawpit Gully track. Four of us walked it ...

two harry hardouts ran it.

The worst thing about that is they looked more refreshed and relaxed at the end than I did.

Haylee made us go up the steepest way possible.

Tried very hard to make conversation with Keri Jackson on the ascent, but was not long before all I could enunciate were bad words. At one point Keri thought I was crying ...was just trying to breathe.

Thursday, November 29

Legs are jellified, Diary.

This morning they were all tingly when I was sitting, but when I stood up they went to rubber and wouldn't work properly.

By mid-morning was fairly certain weights had been sewn into bones. But it wasn't over - had to do Pump.

Had to because tomorrow am attending wedding and due to translucent nature of skin, needed to receive instant tan to ensure other guests were not blinded by my whiteness. This posed problem, because "sun" tan is not overly water resistant.

And by water, I mean sweat.

So, it was either deal with sweat tan lines, or punish myself more today.

I chose the latter option.

Hated myself for it.

Friday, November 30

Diary, I fell off the wagon ...in SPECTACULAR fashion.

That halo which has been shining ever so brightly was left trampled, dirtied and disgraced on the dance floor at Moonlight Country Stables.

Attended the most beautiful wedding today and decided long ago November 30 would be my day off Revive. And I made most of it. Started with two glasses of bubbles (both were delicious) and then thought it wise to have some water. At reception decided to go for the pinot noir (red wine is healthier, they say) and, if memory serves correctly, I only refilled glass three times ...

Decided it didn't count if it was filled up before I got to bottom.

I also ate pork belly and bread rolls. Two of them.

And you know what, Diary?

Don't even feel guilty - OK, maybe after I saw Haylee's note to me in food diary today, where underneath "Wedding" she had written "I'm watching you!" felt a wee bit naughty for a moment ... but out of nowhere Haylee's voice popped into brain chanting "Life is for living".

Think you will find I packed more living into today than the preceeding 68 days ... and I loved it! Am also 97.6% confident will regret today's behaviour tomorrow.

Congratulations Sara and Hayden Youngman - wishing you both a lifetime of love, laughter and all things wonderful. xx

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