5 questions with: Brendan Christie

Brendan Christie. Photo: David Xie
Brendan Christie. Photo: David Xie

Brendan Christie is the chairman of  Vogel St Party.

What smell do you find irresistible?

Honey. I'm a huge fan of beekeeping, bordering on an obsession, even though I'm not a big honey-eater. I have a couple of hives at home and find bees absolutely fascinating, I could watch them all day.

What is your least favourite thing about humanity?

That we are not born with a sense of empathy; it's something we need to learn and practise. I often wonder what the world would be like if we took a little more time to step into the shoes of others, to step back from greed, hate and anger and rise above it. Imagine what we could accomplish!

What is one strong childhood memory?

So many good ones, but when I was about 8 years old, I was playing with other children on a brand new Apple Macintosh the school had purchased, when all of a sudden it crashed and all the other children blamed me for it. I had no idea what I had done and was so upset I ran almost all the way home before the school secretary picked me up. I'm pretty good with computers now.

What is your message?

Get involved. Get to know and support your community, its cultures, music, art and commerce. Be aware of your strengths and how you can help others.

If you were going to an island and could only take three things, what would they be and why?

Assuming the survival equipment is covered, it would have to be my guitar or ukulele, because I love to create music; some historical fiction or non-fiction books, because I love history; and, probably my laptop so I can keep up with the festivals I help organise.

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