5 questions with: Emma Kesha


Emma Kesha, QSO, leads the Dunedin Multicultural Weavers Group.

What smell do you find irresistible?

I just love the smell of flowers in the springtime. My special flower is lavender. When their flowers are dried, I pick them up and make lavender oil for the family needs. It is wonderful for massaging and applying on the skin to make it smooth and supple.

What is your least favourite thing about humanity?

My least favourite thing about humanity is greed and selfish people in the world. Being free and happy is the best medicine in life, otherwise you will be miserable and sick and for that there's no cure.   

What is one childhood memory?

My childhood memory was growing up in a happy family. My mum and dad brought us up ina Christian environment with good values for our lives. Growing up in Samoa, swimming in the lagoon with my friends was unforgettable fun.

What is your message?

Forgive those who upset you and move on. Live joyfully with the right friends and you will find rest in your soul and also you will live longer. Always share a smile; it doesn't cost anything.

If you were going to an island, and could only take three things, what would they be, and why?

I would take my ukulele because it is something I love playing. The second thing would be my Bible, because it is a book of knowledge that you can share. The third would be a good attitude; being happy and friendly.

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