Cannabis celebration comment a 'joke' - Corby's lawyer

Schapelle Corby
Schapelle Corby
Schapelle Corby's former lawyer said comments made about the jailed 36-year-old celebrating her release from prison with a "big marijuana joint" were not intended to be taken seriously.

Speaking from her home in Auckland this evening, lawyer Kerry Salinger, formerly Kerry Smith-Douglas, told APNZ the comment was just a joke.

"As if anybody would seriously say that, it was a joke. Does not anybody have a sense of humour anymore?"

Mrs Salinger said she had not heard from Corby's family since making the comments on Australian television this morning.

She told Channel 9's morning show: "It's very exciting.There's going to be a lot of parties on once she's released and I can't wait.

"Oh she'll probably pop a cork of champagne and then roll up a big marijuana joint the size of a cigar and kick back and enjoy herself."

Mrs Salinger moved to Auckland from Australia in March after falling in love with climate scientist Dr Jim Salinger, she told APNZ.

Corby has been behind bars for nine years for drug smuggling. A decision about her release on parole is due to be made later this week by Indonesian authorities.

Mrs Salinger also said during her interview with Channel 9 she was looking forward to giving Corby a hug and a kiss when she was released from prison.


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