Food drop for Tasman Sea kayaker

An urgent aid mission will get under way today to drop vital supplies to a kayaker attempting a solo trip across the Tasman Sea.

Scott Donaldson, left from Coffs Harbour, north of Sydney and was now about 500km of New Zealand's coastline, Radio New Zealand reported.

The 43-year-old from Hamilton has run dangerously low on supplies after his trip was delayed by rough weather and technical issues.

Mr Donaldson's wife Sarah has asked Taupo rescue pilot John Fennell to make a drop of much needed supplies.

Mr Fennell told RNZ Mr Donaldson had a radio but he would still be trying to find a small speck in a big ocean.

"The trick is actually getting the container of contents down right in front of him or beside him and they're a little parachute so we've got to be very accurate.

"It will be a bit of a challenge for us," Mr Fennell said.

- Rebecca Quilliam of APNZ

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