Four tickets share in $112m OzLotto prize

There are four OzLotto ticket holders in Australia who have just become instant multimillionaires.

They are the people holding the winning numbers for the biggest lottery ever held in Australia that carried total prizemoney of just under $112 million.

For having the numbers 29, 43, 8, 7, 15, 2 and 13 with supps 21 and 20, they will each take home $27.9 million.

With the chances of winning at around 45-million-to-one, luck has struck four times.

The last time the jackpot went past $100 million was in 2009, when two winners took home a share of $106 million, after the $90 million draw was increased due to high sales.

It was a massive day for gambling, with Australians shovelling in around $250 million on the Melbourne Cup and then turning to OzLotto looking for a short cut to untold riches.


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