Kiwi charged with Sunshine Coast murder

A New Zealander has been arrested in Australia in connection with the death of former chef Peter Milos in the Sunshine Coast, police say.

James Thomas Howell, 35, will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today, charged with Mr Milos' murder, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

The Morningside man was arrested and charged by the homicide unit and investigators from the Dutton Park CIB yesterday morning.

As Mr Howell sat in custody, police revealed in a press conference yesterday that he was a friend of Mr Milos, the paper reported.

The pair had been friends since late last year, Detective Acting Superintendent Damien Hansen said.

Police identified Mr Howell from CCTV footage in the area of Mr Milos' house.

While he was a person of interest from an early stage of the investigation, strong evidence include forensic testing and the CCTV helped police mount their case to lay charges, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

"We've identified this person, he's an associate of Mr Milos and he's been identified through a number of means.

"There has been a lot of good work by detectives in relation to id this person, (he has) been identified through number of means and we knew he was in contact with him in days leading upon to the death of Mr Milos."

Mr Hansen would not elaborate on whether the allegations about Mr Milos' life and his links to the underworld or drug trade were true or whether the murder was related.

He could not comment on what the motive for the murder could have been.

"There will be no comment on Mr Milos' life or allegations, what's important here is a man has been murdered and there's been a lot of good work in working towards today's result in the arrest of this person."

A female friend found Mr Milos' battered body within the room of a garage of a Morningside home on Key Street On May 6, Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

Mr Hansen described the murder scene as a violent one, but would not elaborate on what weapons were used.

A number of items were being forensically examined, he said.


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