Kiwi jailed over Adelaide cold case killing

A New Zealand man found guilty of the cold-case killing of Robert Sabeckis in Adelaide two decades ago has been jailed for at least six years.

Paul Maroroa admitted fatally shooting Mr Sabeckis in January 2000 after a struggle over a gun but argued that he acted in self-defence.

A Supreme Court jury found the 45-year-old not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. Justice Sam Doyle on Friday jailed him for nine years with a non-parole period of six years.

Maroroa fired three shots at Mr Sabeckis, one hitting him in the arm and another, fatally, in the chest.

Justice Doyle said he would sentence Maroroa on the basis that he acted in excessive self defence and that his decision to shoot the victim was spontaneous rather than premeditated.

But he said he did not accept some of Maroroa's evidence at the trial related to how he obtained the gun and that Mr Sabeckis had threatened to rape and kidnap him.

The judge said the fact that he did not render any assistance to Mr Sabeckis and ultimately fled the country, returning to his native New Zealand also went against him.

"You left him to die in the car park," Justice Doyle said.

Considering time already spent in custody, Maroroa will be eligible for parole in just over four years.