Man failed to tell partners of HIV: court

An HIV positive man has been committed to stand trial for placing two people at risk of serious injury by having unprotected sex with them.

Adam Randall, 36, is accused of eight charges including failing to inform a boy and a man that he was HIV positive prior to having unprotected sex with them.

He is also charged with sexually abusing the boy, who was aged under 16, between January 2008 and October 2011.

Randall is accused of soliciting or procuring the boy for sex.

He is also charged with making child pornography relating to the same boy.

Randall works as a male prostitute, but the charges do not relate to his work, Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.

Randall shook his head and replied: "Not guilty" when asked his plea.

The child pornography charges related to Randall and the boy attending a Melbourne sex club and being filmed there, the court heard.

Both Randall and the boy were given a copy of the digital movie, it is alleged.

Randall was committed to stand trial in the Victorian County Court and will face a directions hearing on December 3.

He is expected to plead guilty to charges that will be finalised in the Magistrates Court.

The charges include operating a brothel in his private residence without a permit or licence and working as a sex worker while infected with HIV.

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