NZ-born teen jailed over horrific hit-and-run in Melbourne

A Kiwi teenager faces up to four years in an Australian jail in relation to a horrific hit-and-run case that had the sentencing judge in tears.

The 18-year-old cannot be named because of his age at the time of the incident; which occurred on November 8, 2017.

The New Zealand-born teen was driving a stolen BMW with a group of boys in the suburb of Mitcham, in Melbourne, when he struck a motorcylist.

The rider, later named as 33-year-old Keith Stevens, and his bike became trapped underneath the vehicle.

Despite this, the then 17-year-old continued driving - dragging Stevens 85m.

The car only paused to dislodge the rider after the teen's passengers begged him to stop - before he drove off again, according to the Australian Associated Press.

Stevens suffered severe burns to his body during that time, when the petrol and oil from his bike caught fire, and his life support was turned off the next day.

During sentencing, County Court Judge Irene Lawson had to compose herself as she talked about Stevens' death at the hands of the teenager.

"You have senselessly and cruelly deprived a community of a loving father, son, partner, brother, uncle and friend,'' the AAP reported.

She called the teen's behaviour "inhumane'' and said it should be condemned.

After the hit-and-run, the teen and the rest of the group continued on a crime spree - dumping the stolen BMW and trying to break into two nearby properties.

At a third house, they broke in and stole several items including the home owner's car, which was later dumped and set on fire.

The judge said the teen's guilty pleas to culpable driving causing death, robbery and other charges showed some remorse and that she found he had good rehabilitation prospects, AAP said.

His offending justified time in adult prison, she said, but that a recommendation would be made that his time be served either partly or solely in youth detention.

The teen will eventually face deportation back to New Zealand on his release.

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