Passenger numbers up in January

The number of both domestic and international passengers at Queenstown airport last month were well up on numbers for January 2012, the Queenstown Airport Corporation announced last week.

Total domestic passengers - 93,224 compared with 86,426 in January 2012 - was the largest number of domestic passengers to move through the airport in one month, the corporation said in a statement.

In January, 24,028 international passengers moved through the airport, 27.2% more than the previous January (18,884).

In the year to January, a total of 1,168,192 people moved through the airport. That was an increase of 19.1% compared with the year ended January 2012 (981,069 passengers). The corporation said it expected to reach its target of 1.19 million passengers for the 12-month period ending June 2013.

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