Police condemn burning of boy

A teenage boy is in a serious condition in hospital after he was set alight by two males in a "cowardly and despicable" attack, Adelaide police say.

The 17-year-old was sitting with a friend in the garage of his family home at Munno Para West at about 11.30pm (ACDT) on Sunday.

Other friends had left to go to the shop when two males walked in throwing flammable liquid on the youth and setting it alight.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Crameri says the teenager was able to get into the shower with the help of his parents to put out the flames.

The youth also was lucky to have ambulance officers respond quickly, he added.

He was taken to the Royal Adelaide hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries, with burns to his face, arms, back and neck.

Describing the attack as "cowardly and despicable", Det Crameri said police were still trying to work out a motive.

"We don't believe it was a random attack because targeting the youth in the rear garage means they knew he would be there," he said.

Police haven't yet been able to speak to the youth because of his condition, but his friend who was present said he didn't know the attackers.

Both attackers were wearing black pants - one wore a black long-sleeved top and the other a white short-sleeved shirt with blue, horizontal stripes.


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