Protesters' glue stunt shuts down Brisbane street

Two climate change protesters glued themselves to a zebra crossing and shut down a busy street in Brisbane's CBD this morning.

The protest by a man and a woman in Queen Street disrupting traffic for several hours from 7.30am.

Asked what they were doing, the man said they were protesting against "an extinction".

"I can't live with myself knowing that's happening and not doing anything about it," the man told AAP.

Police and paramedics are working to remove the pair who are from the group "extinction rebellion".

Spokesman Greg Rolles said the group wants government to take action against climate change.

"What we've got here are two brave protesters who have put their own livelihoods on the line to try and protect our future," Mr Rolles said.

"They've taken positions on the road that is going to be hard for police to remove," he said.

Police spent about an hour trying to remove the pair, eventually using chemicals to dissolve the glue binding protesters to crossing, Nine News reported.

The protesters were transported together in a paddy wagon, still bound in an arm-lock device.

Police inspector Geoff Acreman said the stunt was "a ridiculous waste of resources".

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