Queensland warning not to feed crocs

A large crocodile has been spotted near homes in a Cairns suburb, with police in far north Queensland reminding locals not to feed the animals.

Wildlife officers confirmed a "large crocodile" was living in Chinaman Creek near homes in White Rock, after receiving a number of calls from concerned residents in the last day.

Police said the croc had been spotted near an informal camping area that locals also use for fishing, and believe some may have been feeding the animal, with "wildlife carcasses" found in the area.

A joint statement from police and the environment department reminded residents that not only is that a very bad idea generally, it's also illegal.

"Fed crocodiles can associate humans with food, become bold, and may start stalking people near the water's edge or making their way into camping areas in pursuit of food," the statement said.

Wildlife officers will try to catch and remove the animal from Tuesday evening, with locals warned to stay well away from the waterway until it has been safely relocated.

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