Six children in home during Victoria shooting

A man and woman have been found dead following an earlier shooting attack a home in rural Victoria in which six children were close by.

Police say the saga began when a man in his 40s shot and injured a 40-year-old woman and a 47-year-old man at a house in Kerang late on Saturday evening.

It ended 30 kilometres away, with the discovery of the gunman's body and that of a second woman at an address in Murrambit West in the early hours of Sunday.

Inspector Jamie Templeton said the gunman was known to the victims in the Kerang attack, and that six children were in the home at the time but had been able to escape.

"They were at the home but not in the vicinity of the alleged male offender," he told ABC Television.

"They went out the back door as soon as the shots went off."

The gunman shot the 40-year-old woman in the neck and the hand and the 47-year-old man in the upper chest, he said.

The injured man and a neighbour were able to overpower the gunman and disarm him before he fled the Kerang residence, Insp Templeton said.

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