Snowboarders missing in Victoria

There is evidence of avalanches on Victoria's highest peak where two snowboarders have been missing since Thursday, police say.

Search and rescue members are combing Mt Bogong for clues to the whereabouts of Martin Buckland, 33, from Yarra Junction, and Daniel Kerr, 32, from Hawthorn, who failed to return to Melbourne on Saturday from their snowboarding trip.

Inspector Dave Ryan from Wangaratta police said conditions were good for the search, and police believed the men hadn't gone too far from Mitchell Hut, where their abandoned campsite was found on Sunday morning.

"There is some avalanche indications in the area," Insp Ryan told Fairfax Radio.

"We're concentrating in and around those sites today.

"For us today it's essentially line searching, trying to pick up any sort of clues out along the bottom of those slopes, trying to figure out if these guys have managed to walk themselves out into the tree line.

The families of the missing men said the two friends were very experienced.

"Our families want to stress how experienced and prepared Martie and Daniel were for this trip, keenly aware of both the risks and the unpredictable nature the outdoors offer," they said in a statement.

A local expert said the men were in "some of the most exciting and extreme and potentially dangerous terrain" in Victoria.

Robert Karoly from the Mt Bogong Club said the weather in the region had been improving since last Thursday but it was worrying the men hadn't been heard from.

"They would have had very reasonable weather and improving weather," Mr Karoly told Fairfax Radio

"The fact that neither of them have been heard from is very, very concerning."

A police helicopter is aiding the search effort.

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