Tasmanian jailed for plotting hit on wife

A man who tried to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife in northern Tasmania has been sentenced to four years in jail.

Launceston man Darryl Scott Donohue, 41, told an undercover police officer in October last year he would pay $10,000 to have his wife of four years killed.

Donohue gave the officer a photo of his wife, her address and an outline of her daily routine.

"It seems that he hated his wife because he could not get his way with her and she was in the way of him obtaining custody of the children," Chief Justice Ewan Crawford said in his judgment.

" ... Overall, the circumstances of the incitement to murder are chilling."

Donohue had pleaded guilty to inciting to commit murder and to stalking.

Chief Justice Crawford said he had twice previously offered another man the $10,000 to perform the hit.

Donohue denied making the offer when the man reported it to police.

"The incitement was not a spur of the moment decision but a premeditated plan that extended at least for a month," Chief Justice Crawford said.

Donohue separated from his wife and two children in April last year and a family violence order was made.

Chief Justice Crawford said Donohue had repeatedly breached the order by stalking his wife, who at one stage left the state.

Donohue will be eligible for parole in two years.

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