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Completed shelters for consumptives, and the main building under construction at the new...
Completed shelters for consumptives, and the main building under construction at the new secondary hospital at Halfway Bush, Dunedin. — Otago Witness, 16.4.1919. COPIES OF PICTURE AVAILABLE FROM ODT FRONT OFFICE, LOWER STUART ST, OR WWW.OTAGOIMAGES.CO.NZ
Hygiene and home nursing

The matter of the compulsory training of the young women of the dominion in the principles of hygiene and home nursing was discussed by the Auckland Hospital Board last week, when a letter was read from the Wallace Hospital Board requesting the Auckland Board's support in urging the Minister of Public Health to introduce legislation providing for the compulsory training of young women between the ages of 17 and 20 in the subjects of hygiene and nursing. Mr F. J. Hosking said he did not think the suggestion would accomplish the object arrived at. The school curriculum should be extended so that every girl in the Sixth Standard should get elementary training in hygiene and nursing. Mr P. M. Mackay agreed that the school was the proper place for girls to acquire at least an elementary knowledge of the subjects mentioned. The course was already being taught in some of the secondary schools. Mr S. J. Harbutt said he was in favour of the introduction of compulsion. He expressed the opinion that the age suggested by the Wallace Board was too old.

Cars damaged by youths

One of the motor car owners, who provided the means of conveyance last evening for the soldiers of the Kaikoura's draft to their homes, has complained to us of the senseless action of youths in striking matches on the sides of the cars. A similar complaint, it may be remembered, was heard after the arrival of the Hororata draft, also on a Sunday evening. On this occasion the motor car owner gave chase to the man who had by his action damaged his property, and caught him. He held him for some time in the hope that he might be able to hand him over to the police, but he was jostled by three or four persons in the crowd, with the result that his captive escaped.

He expresses the opinion that the presence of a few plain-clothes policemen in Stuart Street on such an occasion would have the effect either of preventing such damage to valuable cars as is caused by the striking of matches on their sides or of rendering the detection of the offenders a more simple matter than it has hitherto proved to be. What is more necessary still is a general recognition of the stupidity - to put it mildly - of such an act as the striking of matches on the sides of motor cars and of the ingratitude that is involved in the disfigurement of valuable cars that are being used by their owners in the performance of a public service.

New Anglican home

A committee connected with the social work of the Church of England has secured a lease of the late Mrs Cutten's property at Anderson's Bay for the purpose of establishing a home for the children of parents who are in hospitals, or who, owing to sickness, are unable to look after them in their own homes.

The necessity for a home for this class of child has been very apparent for many years to those engaged in social work in the city. The home, though controlled by the Church of England, will be absolutely undenominational as regards the inmates admitted, the only qualification being that of necessity.

For some time past, a home has been in operation at Vauxhall, where over 20 children have been quartered, but this place was found to be too difficult of access in addition to failing to reach the accommodation requirements desired.

- ODT, 21.4.1919

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