65 years married after taking right turn

Peter and Dorothy Inglis celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary yesterday. Photo by Craig Baxter.
Peter and Dorothy Inglis celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary yesterday. Photo by Craig Baxter.
Had Dorothy Clark decided to walk left at the intersection instead of right while doing a spot of shopping nearly 70 years ago, she might not have met the love of her life, Peter Inglis.

The Dunedin-born couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary yesterday and fondly recalled their chance meeting on a Wellington street in their youth.

Mrs Inglis (88) said she had just moved to the capital and had been working at the nurses' home when she decided some shopping was in order.

''On my day off, I decided to go and find some shops - I absolutely love shopping.

''I was 21 and I had never been to Wellington before.''

Mr Inglis (90) was on shore leave from his work on a mine-sweeping naval vessel.

Mrs Inglis said she was looking in shop windows when she first noticed Mr Inglis.

''He was in a navy uniform and he was the most handsome sailer I had ever seen.

''He said right there and then: 'Can I see you on Saturday night?'

"We agreed to meet at a dance. I didn't think he would turn up, but he did.''

And the rest is history.

The couple married at the Church of Christ Community in Dunedin on January 21, 1948, and went on to have three children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren - with a fourth on the way.

The couple are still very much young at heart and believe the secret to a long and happy marriage is to keep busy.

''We have a busy life. We're always going out dancing, going to the clubs, housie, visiting family,'' Mrs Inglis said.

''Having an active life keeps you young.

''It's also important to have common interests. We both love dancing, gardening, socialising and travelling.''

Mr Inglis said they were members of several travel clubs which visited different locations around New Zealand each year.

And not surprisingly, they both still love going shopping together.

''You've got to get rid of your money somehow,'' Mr Inglis joked.

The couple believe making each other happy, looking after and supporting each other had been keys to their successful marriage, to the point where Mr Inglis can often be seen waiting patiently for his wife to do daredevil activities such as her recent bungy jump off the Auckland Sky Tower.

''I've been on jet-boats, bungy jumps - everything Queenstown has to offer,'' Mrs Inglis said.

''It makes me happy and Peter always waits for me.

''People who have a nice kind nature - you can't help but have a long marriage when you're married to a man like that.''

The couple celebrated their anniversary with a dinner for two at a Dunedin restaurant last night.


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