Attack on Dunedin teenager investigated

Dunedin police and two secondary schools are investigating an alleged assault involving three pupils in the city centre on Wednesday.

A 15-year-old girl received "very minor injuries" after engaging in "a minor scuffle" on View St, about 3.45pm.



The incident was filmed by a witness with a mobile phone.

The pupils are believed to be from Kavanagh College and Otago Girls' High School.

A police spokeswoman said an officer at the scene described the incident as "very minor", but police were speaking with the girls, their parents, witnesses and the various schools they attend.

"Yes, it was a minor scuffle. Police have liaised with one school already.

"They [the school] are taking the matter seriously and will be taking the appropriate action from their end also.

"No one has been arrested.

"However, it's expected that several people will be referred to police youth aid."

A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said reports of the 15-year-old being attacked by a group of school girls were incorrect.

She said one of the girls pushed another girl.

The girl and a friend then retaliated, but the three were pulled apart quickly by witnesses, she said.

"She was not brutally attacked or ganged up on or anything."

She said the girls were known to each other.

Kavanagh College principal Tracy O'Brien confirmed the pupils involved were from Kavanagh College and Otago Girls' High School.

He said he was away at a conference at present and was getting information third-hand, but staff were helping police with their investigations.

"I haven't seen a report about it. I don't know what the relative seriousness of it was.

"We've really left it in the hands of police youth aid to look at it.

"No doubt it will come back to the schools concerned to take further action if it's deemed necessary."

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