Baldwin St tourists 'getting worse'

Baldwin St is the world's steepest. Photo: ODT files
Baldwin St is the world's steepest. Photo: ODT files
A Baldwin St resident is irate at the Dunedin City Council's lack of progress on curbing the intrusion of tourists on to residents' properties and about dangerous driving on the world's steepest street.

Sharon Hyndman has lived in Baldwin St for 27 years, and made a submission to the council in May about what she said were increasing problems with tourists' behaviour.

''In general, the tourists are getting worse ... and they seem to be increasing,'' she said.

Problems included vehicles losing traction at the top of the street and blocking driveways and people coming on to her and her neighbours' properties.

Mrs Hyndman said since making her submission a sign had been installed warning against driving up the street, but it was ineffective.

''It's at the beginning of the ascent, it's far too late and it's not big enough.''

She supported the status of the street as a tourist destination, but felt residents needed more support.

''We feel our rights as residents are being taken away.''

DCC group transport manager Richard Saunders said other signs had been introduced.

''One set of signs are traffic information signs to encourage tourists not to drive up Baldwin St, especially in camper vans.''

He said further work was being planned to make Baldwin St safer for residents and visitors.

Safety improvements were being developed and the city council would consult on possible options in the new year.

- By Jack Conroy


Staunch, then. Private property is not a tourist attraction.

Put up a 'No Trespassers' sign, and call the police, if need be.

Alternately, DCC, Cunard or whoever can pay you a retainer, for enhancing the Tourist Experience.