Best of YouTube: Working port a thing of beauty

Watching this timelapse of four hours in the working life of Port Chalmers is like being a kid again and staring in wonder at an enormous train-set.

The container loading's cool enough but then there's the part at about 1min 20secs where the cruise ship pulls a smooth 180deg turn and backs smoothly into its dock as the sun comes up. Wow.

Creator Riley Baker tells us: "The time lapse was about 4 hours long and about 2,500 frames shot on a Canon 6D and 24-70mm f2.8 lens. I used a wireless shutter release that had a time lapse mode.

"It was shot from the viewing platform at the little lookout and monument above Port Chalmers. About a litre of coffee was consumed during this process."

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This guy can really play them buckets.

The Clean, at Chicks Hotel, playing Point That Thing with Peter Gutteridge making a special appearance. Say no more.

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