Biker ministry set to spread word to Black Sabbath fans

Dunedin biker  David Crosbie (50) is ready to spread God’s word at the Black Sabbath concert...
Dunedin biker David Crosbie (50) is ready to spread God’s word at the Black Sabbath concert tomorrow. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

If the devil can change, so can you, a Dunedin biker says.

David Crosbie (50), a member of the In The Name of the Lord motorcycle ministry, said he was set to spread the good word to Black Sabbath fans in Dunedin tomorrow.

The Dunedin-based ministry has five members - four in Dunedin and one in Gisborne - a mix of men and women.

Before tomorrow night's concert at Forsyth Barr Stadium, four members and another two people would hand out 5000 pamphlets to fans.

The cover of the pamphlet is jet black and bears a yellow cross and the words "God Loves Black Sabbath''.

Inside the pamphlet were Black Sabbath lyrics about God and Satan.

The pamphlets were sponsored by St Matthew's Anglican Church, St John's Roslyn Anglican Church, Caversham Baptist Church and Leith Valley Presbyterian Church.

Mr Crosbie said he would attend the concert after passing out pamphlets.

"Who wouldn't? This is Black Sabbath ... I've been a fan all my life''

His favourite Sabbath song, N.I.B., was from the band's 1970 debut album, Black Sabbath.

The lyrics were written in the first person from the point of view of the devil, as he falls in love and changes to become a good person.

Fans might not consider Black Sabbath religious music but many of its lyrics were about fearing the devil and God as being the saviour, he said.

"I'm not saying God goes home after a hard day's work and listens to his favourite Black Sabbath album. What I am saying is God loves [Black Sabbath members] Ozzy Osbourne [singer], Geezer Butler [bassist], Tony Iommi [guitarist] and Bill Ward [original drummer].''

Mr Crosbie, a former drug-user and alcoholic, said he was loved by God and God loved Osbourne, despite his past indiscretions, including biting the head off a live bat during a performance.

"God loves everybody,'' Mr Crosbie said.

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