Bond tells pupils 'do your best'

Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Former Rotary Park pupil and Olympic gold medallist Hamish Bond shares his experiences with pupils of the school including (from left) Ethen Farr (5) and Chris Hawkins (10) yesterday.

When asked by a pupil about the sacrifices he had made, Bond told the children he did not think of them as sacrifices as he and team-mate Eric Murray had made a choice to row competitively.

"Sure I've missed out on a few things but rowing has given me far more back than I've ever sacrificed."

He had never dreamed when he was a pupil at Rotary Park that he would go to the Olympics, and he urged pupils to do their best at whatever they were passionate about and had fun doing, whether it was sport, the arts or music.

"Try really hard and do your best, but winning is pretty cool."



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