Upcoming artists on show in SITE exhibition

The Otago Polytechnic's Dunedin School of Art has been transformed into an art gallery for the annual SITE exhibition.

The art show features creations by this year's graduate and postgraduate art students, some of whom could well join the ranks of tomorrow's leading artists.

Postgraduate student Bronwyn Mohring said the course had expanded her experiences in a field she was already familiar with.

"I've been working in pottery for years, but sometimes you get tunnel vision, and it was really good to branch out from into practical things - like I've never done cast glass before."

Practically all the disciplines of art are represented, including paintings, prints, photography, jewellery, electronic arts, ceramics or sculpture, with artworks installed throughout the art school.

Visitors have the opportunity to converse with the artists directly and works are available for purchase.

The polytech's SITE exhibition finishes 8pm this Thursday, November 28. 

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