Otago gets the Rainbow Tick

Photos: Peter McIntosh
Photos: Peter McIntosh
University of Otago human resources director Kevin Seales and  university vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne hold the university’s new certificate from the Rainbow Tick programme, an independently verified programme designed to make an organisation "a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, takatapui, transgender [and] queer/questioning" staff.

A celebration with a rainbow cake was held yesterday afternoon, and a rainbow flag now flies proudly above the clocktower building.

The university will be assessed and certified each year, and training delivered by Rainbow Tick will be available on an ongoing basis for university staff.

Mr Seales said the university had been working towards the qualification since last year, and it was a matter of having a good culture and environment.

Prof Hayne said usually the focus was on students, so it was good to have recognition of the university as an employer.

"It’s a great day — it’s been fantastic." 

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